Top 100 Poker Blogs

Dating all the way back to the days of the cowboy, poker used to be strictly a game of wits and the occasional cheating. Nowadays, it can be played anywhere from casinos around the world to a friend’s basement. With everyone and their mother playing poker, it can be easy to be lost in the confusion and lose your bankroll in the process.

To help keep either from happening, below are the top 100 poker blogs. They can help anyone from a beginner to a seasoned pro learn strategies, get news, follow their favorite players, and much more.

Top Poker News Blogs

Learn the latest on the news in poker, leagues, rules, and more with these blogs.

    1. Poker News
    PokerNews Strategy offers instructional videos and forums with poker pros. There are also articles on learning strategies, which games pay the best, and much more. The Learn Poker section also has tons of tips for those learning how to play.

    2. Poker Player Newspaper
    This online publication has a 25 year archive that is worth the visit alone. The blog also has news, thoughts, updates, and more.

    3. Casino Poker News
    Which casino has the highest jackpot? Stop here to find out. There are also items on many other casino games besides poker.

    4. Poker News Strategy
    From the same blog as the above, this one focuses on the latest news for poker strategy. Sample videos are full of helpful hints and they also offer forums.

    5. Bankroll Boost
    Here they post some of the hottest poker news stories, poker satire, and even the occasional tidbit of poker gossip. You can also get connected to the Rakeback and other poker items.

    6. Poker Blog
    If looking for the poker news on high stakes online games, stop here. The blogger takes games with large pots and shares the strategies and outcomes here.

    7. Poker Listings
    The Best Of section at the top of this site are reason enough to visit. Latest news also includes coverage, strategy, blogs, and more.

    8. ESPN
    If poker is strictly a sport to you, then ESPN is strictly the site for you. Headlines in all kinds of tournaments, from pros to collegiate are shared, along with tons of other sports items.

Top Poker Blogs by a Publication

These magazines, newspapers, and more have loads to share on poker.

    9. Bluff Magazine
    The thrill of poker is the focus here. Check out news and blogs online, or get tips on how to improve your own game.

    10. Ante Up
    How do politics and poker combine? This is just one of the topics covered in this blog. There are also features, tournaments, and more to keep you busy.

    11. Poker Pro Magazine
    Get the latest news feed directly on the homepage here. Other features include a pro’s corner, gossip, and other resources.

    12. Card Player
    Poker news, videos, player bios, rules, and more can all be found here. Be sure not to miss the videos playing on their TV channel with loads more.

    13. Poker Magazine
    The pro’s at this magazine love poker as much as their readers do. They feature strategy articles, poker room reviews, news, tournaments, bonuses, and tutorials.

    14. All In
    Although you need a subscription to take full advantages, you can still read features online. Current ones include the unpredictable and imperfect perfection.

    15. Woman Poker Player Magazine
    You don’t have to be a woman to check out this blog, but it doesn’t hurt. Latest stories, the women of poker, strategies, and a few items just for the ladies are all shared.

Top Poker Blogs by a Group

Several bloggers combine to discuss poker.

    16. Wicked Chops Poker
    This week in poker is a popular feature over at this blog. They also stand out for bringing gossip and featuring loads of girls on the blog.

    17. Poker King
    Bonus codes are one of the reasons this blog is so popular. You can also get the latest news and tournament information with a visit.

    18. Poker Plasm
    Articles, interviews, site reviews, and more are all shared here. One of the most recent stories was on a player who got drunk during a tournament.

    19. Fuzion Poker
    Stop here for both a poker blog and forum. Topics are divided into the online, poker, gossip, and news.

    20. Two Plus Two
    Visit here for one of the world’s largest poker strategy resource online and in print. They offer poker forums, coaching, and even a leading podcast.

    21. Poker Junkie
    Get a daily fix of the best online poker sites, largest bonus deals, and best-value tournaments here. If you want to study poker strategy, read blogs, or discuss the game with fellow junkies, this is the place.

    22. Bluff Europe
    See how poker is played overseas in this blog. It includes news, interviews, reviews, and videos.

    Not to be confused with the above, this blog often features hands that went well for the blogger. You can also check out many other poker related entries.

    24. Poker Site Review
    Ready to play but don’t know where? Then check out this blog with the latest in poker site reviews.

Top Poker Learning Blogs

Learn more about poker from basics to pro moves with the help of these blogs.

    25. Complete Poker Rules
    This blog has compiled rules for the various types of poker in the rules for poker games section. There are additional sections that cover rules for tournament poker, no limit, and pot limit as well as other casino poker rules. Top rakeback offers are also shared.

    26. Full Contact Poker
    Daniel Negreanu may be a professional poker player, but his Tip of the Week should keep any player coming back to read. The latest involved bluffing.

    27. Poker Bankroll
    Get the answer to the essential “how much do I bet?” question here. In addition to providing vital strategies, the blog also comments on how the pros build their bankrolls.

    28. Hell’s Cold Day
    Grundy has been playing since 200 and offers this guide to becoming a “better poker person.” Choose from topics such as charts and graphs, fun game variants, and poker life lessons.

    29. Ain’t Luck
    Use this site to learn the game and leave luck aside. Sections include strategy, Poker 101, bonuses, and much more.

    30. Full Tilt Poker
    Although many come here to play for real money, you can still learn how to play with their free guides. They include different poker games such as Texas Hold Em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, and more.

    31. Prof’s Vegas Poker Blog
    Learn both poker and the art of Vegas in this blog. The Professor has loads of tips on both.

    32. Doubleas
    This blogger enjoys discussing his own adventures at the poker table. Also a good choice for learning both what to do and not to do.

    33. Poker Grub
    What is the hand of the week? These and other poker related questions are answered on this blog.

    34. Poker 2.0
    Learn how to play poker online with the help of this blog. Web 2.0, social media, and other poker works are all written about.

Top Poker Blogs by a Man

These men play professionally and have loads of tips to share.

    35. Phil Hellmuth, Jr.
    What can you learn from an eleven time WSOP winner? Plenty with a simple read. There is even the option to play with Phil online.

    36. Tom “durrrr” Dwan
    See how he earned his nickname with a visit here. You can also see him play poker across the world. Tips from the pro himself are also not to be missed.

    37. Bill’s Poker Blog
    He began playing poker as a child and is now on a quest to “reach poker nirvana.” Check out how, as well as useful tips, with a read.

    38. Do or Die Poker!
    Learn more about his style of poker and more from the blogger known as Curtom. Thoughts on the industry are also featured.

    39. Big Edge Poker
    This anonymous blogger often takes a look at the dark side of poker. Current entries are on credit declines and poker ranges.

    40. Full Tilt Poker
    Kdollar chronicles the high stakes games at Full Tilt Poker. You don’t have to be a pro to follow or get helpful hints.

    41. Gene Bromberg
    He admits that being Pittsburgh’s most decorated poker blogger isn’t all that exciting. However, his blog does stand out for bringing a professional’s viewpoint in poker.

    42. Steve’s Bets
    Steve is both a law student and professional poker player. Recent posts are on changes in his game and an 8-game blog series.

    43. Ex Poker Pro
    For four years this blogger was a professional poker player. After burning out, he quit and began blogging. However, with the blog being over for some time, it is likely he is back on the horse.

    44. Poker Players Alliance
    If the above pros aren’t enough for you, stop here. The PPA is fighting to keep poker legal and shares how.

Top Poker Blogs by a Woman

Proving that poker isn’t just for men, check out the blogs of these card playing ladies.

    45. Annie Duke
    In addition to being a champion level poker player, she was also featured on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Visit her blog to get updates, tips, and even nutrition and parenting information.

    46. Annette Obrestead
    Why has she quit her latest poker team? You’ll have to stop at her blog to read. There are also many posts on how to up your game, along with related items.

    47. About Poker
    Toby Bochan has had several writings on poker published in addition to her blog for Must reads include how to win more money in poker and the top ten tips.

    48. Jennicide
    Stop here for the official blog of Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh. In addition to updates, she also has downloads, tips, and more.

    49. Liz Lieu
    Stop here for the official blog of the “Poker Diva.” She often writes on where she is, what she is doing, and how she is playing.

    50. Lacey Jones
    In addition to poker playing, she is also a fashion model and television host. Her blog is full of updates and you can also get images and a TV channel.

    51. Angelina Wang
    Her blog is part of the larger group at Women Poker Player. She offers interesting entries such as online poker strategy, low bets, and even beating poker table bullies.

    52. Jena Delk’s Blog
    She is a member of Poker Players International and often plays in tournaments. One of the most recent was Florida Millions II and she has more.

    53. Aimlessly Chasing Amy
    She is always a “sucker for a draw in poker and investing.” She recently wrote about how poker saved her from the market crash.

    54. Poker Girl in Vegas
    She moved to Vegas in 2006 and discusses poker, single motherhood, and more. Daily life is usually shared.

    55. Fslexc Duck Tales
    Visit here for Vanessa’s ramblings on poker and life. Tournaments, tips, and adult language all follow.

Top Poker Blogs by an Amateur

They may not play poker full time, but the blogs still have lots of poker related ramblings to help anyone’s game.

    56. Dad’s Poker Blog
    Steve Brogan has not given up on the idea of being a full time poker pro. Having left behind a career in IT, he now pursues poker as his passion and shares how on his blog. Entries on how not to are a must read.

    57. Full Tilt Poker Blog
    Michael Craig is the author of four poker books and often plays tournaments on Full Tilt. See how he is doing as well as how he does it on the blog.

    58. Riding the F Train
    F Train is a freelance writer and tournament reporter, in addition to playing. After leaving corporate law, he began to play poker in 2004 and shares more about it.

    59. Shadow’s Poker Blog
    He brings tales from a part time poker player and a German. English posts are a plus.

    60. Tao of Poker
    Paul ‘Dr. Pauly’ McGuire is a writer originally from New York City and now lives in Vegas. He has covered the World Series of Poker and now writes about all sorts of related items.

    61. Keep Flopping Aces
    Lou Krieger has had over eleven books published on poker. Be sure not to miss the Quote Rotator with loads of commentary.

    62. Poker in Ireland
    Learn how to bet in pounds on this blog. Mick McCloskey also includes information on local tournaments.

    63. A Poker Player’s Diary
    Maria is the L.A. Poker Examiner and shares tales of a wannabe poker player. Other things that interest her and thoughts are also written about.

    64. High on Poker
    Jordan is from New York City, a lawyer, and part time poker player. He figured a blog on poker would be more creative than constantly bugging his friends about it.

    65. The Obituarium
    Joe features poker, prose, and puerile punditry on his blog. One of his most recent posts was on the Ace.

    66. Arses and Aces
    See how someone from the UK views poker in this blog. Random thoughts are also included.

Top Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Blogs

One of the most popular forms of poker, learn more about Texas Hold Em in these blogs.

    67. Rounders Inc.
    Sammy Wynn is from Detroit, Michigan and plays No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em for a living. His blog is focused on sharing strategies, tips, and techniques for playing winning Texas No Limit Hold ‘Em poker cash games.

    68. Holdem Review
    Get reviews of where and how to play the game on this blog. The Best Of lists are also not to be missed.

    69. Blinders
    He is a successful low stakes player in NL Hold ‘Em. Posts on strategy have loads of different choices.

    70. Pokerati
    Both Texas Hold ‘Em and the WSOP are discussed in this blog. A television channel and unscientific polling are a few of the other reasons to visit.

    71. Noted Poker Authority
    Ed Miller is the author of five poker books and four poker DVDs. His blog has tips and strategy for playing the game, and one of the latest entries was on not waiting for a better spot.

    72. 72 Suited
    This blogger writes about life, family, technology, and other topics in addition to Texas Hold ‘Em. Everything from animals to vacations is shared.

    73. Learn Texas Hold ‘Em
    Stop here to learn more about how to play the game. Although the blog hasn’t been updated lately, tips from an ex card dealer are worth a look.

Top Poker Gambling Blogs

Learn more about poker and other ways to gamble on these blogs.

    74. That’s Gambling
    Slots, blackjack, poker, and other casino games are the focus here. Get the latest headlines, bonus codes, and more with a visit.

    75. Las Vegas Sun
    The leading newspaper in Vegas stays on top of the gaming industry. Visit here to read the latest headlines and get more happenings in the city.

    76. HORSE Poker
    Learn more about this and other kinds of poker games on this blog. A how to, promo codes, and more are all shared.

    77. Hammer Player’s Poker Blog
    Hammer, aka Hoyazo, is a “hammer playin’ pompous ass.” Hot hands and poker strategy are among the most popular of his posts.

    78. Gambler VIP
    This blogger makes a living on gambling. Check it out to see how and what games are preferred.

    79. Cards Chat
    Have a question that isn’t answered in the above? Then stop here to get the questions and answers to many poker and card related questions on these forums.

    80. Sport is Made for Betting
    Scott Ferguson is the former head of education at Betfair. See why he believes sports betting can pay.

    81. The Gamble Net
    Every game from 888 bingo to roulette is discussed here. You can also find poker blogs on loads of topics.

    82. Poker Forums
    If you have an issue not addressed in the above, stop here. Thousands of others have to discuss the best poker sites, strategies, and more.

Top Poker Podcasts

Listen and watch instead of reading about poker in the below.

    83. Rounder’s Radio
    A series of podcasts are dedicated to poker on this one site. There is also a chat room, forum, community, and much more.

    84. Pocket Fives
    The PocketFives Podcast is a half-hour program that features interviews with today’s top online poker players and industry representatives. Popular episodes include WSOP previews and Eric Baldwin.

    85. Poker Road
    Stop here for “the very best in pokertainment.” Cash plays, the poker beat, and two jacks in the hole are just some of the choices here.

    86. The Poker Edge
    This podcast is part of ESPN radio. Listen to an episode of several experts speaking on the game with a visit.

    87. Special K’s Place
    “A poker playin’, picture takin’, pool shootin’ geek tries to say something interesting” in this podcast. With entries dating back to 2004, he does and has more on the blog.

    88. Mediocre Poker Radio
    The podcasts are just one of the reasons to stop here. The site also offers blogs, strategy guides, and more.

    89. Poker Cast
    This podcast is part of “Ante Up” magazine. The weekly internet audio show mixes humor, commentary, and strategy.

    90. Wicked Chops Poker Podcast
    News, views, and interviews from the poker world are featured here. It is part of the site of the same name.

    91. Gambling Tales Podcast
    Click here for a virtual “the one that got away” stories for gamblers. A recent episode was on poker in popular culture.

Top Poker Reads

Click here for the best of the rest in poker related readings.

    92. The 10 Best Poker Blow Ups of the Decade
    With the last decade behind us, check out these moments the pros would rather we forget. The Bleach Report has each in detail.

    93. Best Poker Hand
    Every player dreams of getting a hand like this, but it rarely happens. Check out this video from YouTube to see how the best hand all went down.

    94. Poker Betting
    Learn how and when to place a bet in this blog entry. The order, how to, and many other tips are shared.

    95. When to Bet in Texas Hold ‘Em
    Similar to the above, get a guide to betting specifically for Texas Hold ‘Em here. The blog also has more on the game.

    96. Spot Poker Tells
    Is your opponent confident in his or her bet? That is the question every player asks themselves. Learn the answer with this blog from Ask Men.

    97. When to Call in Poker
    Has the bet reached the max? This blog entry lets you know when it is time to call your opponent in a hand.

    98. When to Fold
    Much like knowing when to hold them, poker players must know when to fold them. This strategy guide from Poker Tips tells you when.

    99. Reading Poker Hands
    Can you tell what cards a player has just by looking at their face? This blogger believes you can or can at least narrow down the possibilities.

    100. See Your Opponents Hole Cards
    This little online trick is used by many poker players. See what it is and how to do it from Pocket Fives.

Remember that the tips and strategies in the above top 100 poker blogs are just for fun. If you have a problem with gambling, please visit a site like Gamblers Anonymous. They have a hotline, email, and even options for international gamblers.