Leaders of the People’s Media: The Top 50 Social Media Blogs

The internet is filled with endless possibilities when it comes to getting your name, company, brand, logo, or Facebook status out there. For this, we have condensed this realm of thought in the idea of social media. With these many outlets (from blogging to Twitter), some people have hit a wall when it comes to properly marketing themselves (or company) to the ideal audience. These Top 50 Social Media Bloggers have certainly done their research, and have received countless awards based on their marketing, PR, web design, and technologically savvy skills. From CEOs to PR Agents to Moms, these bloggers have successfully displayed that they are at the top of the game when it comes to marketing and social media. If you are looking to create brand awareness, or you’re simply interested in the latest media trends, check out these blogs!

Branding: Branding blogs specialize in promoting a certain name or brand, creative a buzz that will get people to remember your brand.

1. The Brand Builder – The Brand Builder is s great blog about building strong, memorable brands, and then properly managing these brands. Author Oliver Blanchard is the president of a brand and marketing firm, and is well-versed in keeping your brand strong and continuously running. Bonus: He is a strategist for creating social medias for your company.

2. Bloomberg Marketing – Toby Bloomberg, author of Diva Marketing blog, is dedicated to building strategic marketing plans that use Interactive/new media as a core tactic and integrate traditional into one master branding plan. Check out this chick’s savvy marketing tools, as she creates fresh, new ideas that seem to be one step ahead of the rest!

3. Social Media Examiner – .SME is a top business blog, and an online magazine designed to help businesses discover how to best use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They also offer advice on how to find leads, increase sales and generate more brand awareness.

4. More Visibility – More Visibility is a vibrant company that sprawls out way beyond Social Media. One of their influential blogs is based around social media, and explains on how to have your own voice heard in a loud world of bloggers. This blog will surely teach you how to stand out amongst the crowd!

5. Fuchsia Mac – Fuchsia McInerney is a CEO, a mom, and a social media entrepreneur. With many a title to juggle, Fuchsia has done a phenomenal site with this blog, specializing in new media design and marketing solutions with an artistic appeal. Check out her portfolio for some impressive web artistry.

6. Kyle Lacy – Kyle Lacy, founder of Brandswag focuses on brand awareness and online social media. He has focuses on developing social and Internet applications to increase brand awareness, and is the author of Twitter Marketing for Dummies, from Wiley Publishing. Kyle knows his stuff!

7. Ari Herzog – Ari Herzog has a fascinating blog that primarily focuses on advancing public communications. While many savvy businesses may have one-in-a-million ideas or business plans; it’s all about communicating your ideas and brands to the public. A Bonus: He is passionate about promoting transparency and open government. Check it out!

8. Enfew – Enfew is a busy site with many tools and links and paths that will take you in any social media direction. It has anything and everything you need to create brand awareness, and truly shines with its suggested articles section.

9. U Stand Out – U Stand Out is a great site for branding, written by an advertising major, Diana Freedman. Working as an Inbound Marketing Consultant at HubSpot, she teaches HubSpot’s customers inbound marketing strategies, and how to use HubSpot’s tools to achieve their brand’s goals Impressive Portfolio!

10. Krishna De – Krisha’s blog specializes in branding, and more importantly, bringing your brand to life! As a consultant, coach, and public speaker, this blog will have your brand up and running before you finish the rest of this list!

Strategy: These Strategic blogs are centered around strategies that will take your social media efforts a step further.

1. Brass Tack Thinking – Brass Tack Thinking is written by a communications and business strategist, and a brand and communications strategist, both of whom are well versed in social media strategy. This insightful blog is mindset – a set of principles and systems – “for making things happen.” Check out this blog if you too want to make a difference!

2. Neville Hobson – Neville Hobson is an English communication practitioner in the field of a He is a passionate advocate for new and emerging technology tools and channels, and works to see how they can be deployed as highly-effective agents of change. Check out this blog for an expert’s opinion!

3. Smart Mobs – This innovative blog claims to be the next social revolution. Based on a book written by Howard Rheingold, this site hopes to keep readers informed and ready for anything. A “smart mob” emerges when communication and computing technologies amplify human talents for cooperation. Working together, one smart mob at a time.

4. J Morgan Marketing – J Morgan is a social business advisor, and a great one at that. Well versed in all new age technologies, he works for medium and enterprise companies on developing Enterprise 2.0, Social CRM, and Social Media strategies. If you are seeking help in this arena, definitely check out this blog for helpful tips!

5. Relationship-Economy – The Relationship is a uniquely comprehensive blogs that brings the human aspect to technological relationships. In today’s IT world, we as humans are sometimes removed from the B2B personal interactions. Check out this blog to help humanize your business’ economic relations!

6. Advancing Women – Their mantra is mentoring, tools, and strategy to succeed. And that’s exactly what many people need out in this dog-eat-dog internet world. Social Media is all the rage, and this site explains how to sustain yourself and your company’s social media’s needs by staying afloat.

7. What’s Next Blog – The What’s Next Blog is B.L. Ochman’s blog about helping you keep up with the Joneses… or with the this tech-savvy world. This blog is here to help keep you up to date and informed of all of social media’s latest and greatest ventures. Exquisitely written, this blog is definitely worth visiting often so that you are in the know.

8. Junta42 – Junta42 Hs been recognized as the #1 Marketing Content Blog on the internet. With this title, Joe Pulizzi, the blog’s author and founder, looks at the trends in content marketing in and outside the internet, and how sees how marketers can learn to think and act like publishers, in order to be successful.

9. The Social Penguin – The Social Penguin is a great site written by Mike McGrail and Dave, of Scotland, successfully delivering digital & social media strategies for The Big Partnership, the UK’s biggest PR firm outside of London. A humorous blog, it is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for strong social media strategy.

10. Web-Strategist – The web-strategist is a magnificent blog written by Jeremiah Owyang, and industry leader. That strives to deliver insight on disruptive technologies, and see their impact on how companies communicate with their customers.

Techie: These “techie” blogs are amongst the best, as there are millions of “tech savvy” sites floating around. These particular blogs will meet your social media requests, and teach you how to advance your site using tomorrow’s technology.

1. Somewhat Frank – Somewhat Frank is a well written site that focuses on tech, startups, entrepreneurship, social media, and life. Frank stands out in that he posts all the latest events for interested readers in these topics. From cocktail parties in DC to conventions around the globe, he will let you know where you need to be!<.p>

2. Chris Brogam – Chris Brogan is a featured monthly columnist at Entrepreneur Magazine, and this is in the Top 5 of the Advertising Age Power150. Brogan has over 11 years experience in online communities, social media, and related technologies. Check out this blog to discover the future of online communities.

3. Dan Zarrella – .Dan Zarrella’s is known as the “social media scientist” and uses his scientific background to perform research on social media studies. He has a background in web development and combines his programming capabilities with a passion for social marketing, in order to study social media behavior.

4. Social Mouths – Author Francisco Rosales is a professional when it comes to all things blog-related. His ultimate goal is to help people become successful online (through whichever outlet they choose!) hi resume includes designing and developing blogs, blogging and social media strategies, content and email marketing, sales and web analytics. He is pretty much guaranteed to boost your online rankings.

5. Fast Forwarding – Fast Forwarding is in conjunction with the FASTForward conference and summit series. The goal is to to drive and deepen conversation about how today’s companies can use technology to place users in control of information. If you are looking to get ahead of the race, tune into this blog for further information!

6. Dave Fleet – Author Dave Fleet has a strong background in marketing and communications for major corporations. While he is not blogging about his own job and work, he is passionate about communications, public relations, marketing and social media, and is here to help serve your needs. Enjoy!

7. Socialnomics – Socialnomics is a written by Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business. Qualman’s book was Amazon’s # 1 in many places around the world Specializing in growing the digital capabilities of many companies, this book is here to serve your social media and digital age needs!

8. I<3 Social Media – I heart social media a nice compilation of many online social media resources and tools. Author Marta Majewska is a Marketing VP and certainly knows her stuff. From tips and recommendations, to lists of top media outlets, this site is definitely worth your time.

9. Brimbase – This technology company has an emphasis on technology. Enough Said! But really, with the techie background, this company is able to use their technological advancements to get past other social media gurus.

10. Social Media Vision – Social Media Vision was created with a main focus on the Powerful Tools of Online Social Media Marketing and Strategies. Authored by Garrett Pierson, techie guru, this blog covers the full spectrum of technology.

PR: These PR blogs will take your public relations needs to the next level. Easier said than done (PR), these sites will truly help you create awareness.

1. Convince and Convert – Convince and Convert is a brainy blog written by an expert, Jay Baer. As a consultant and speaker, Jay does a great job helping leading companies and PR firms harness the awesome power of the social Web. Tune in!

2. The Future Buzz – The Future Buzz us hot site that is the digital marketing and PR blog of Adam Singer, Social Media Practice Director for Lewis PR.

3. Social Media Explorer – The Social Media Explorer allows the visitor to literally explore all things social media. This site (and consulting company) is run by a roster of leading thinkers, practitioners and educators in the digital marketing and communications space.

4. Alister Cameron – Alister Cameron, the self-proclaimed Blogologist, is a Blog Coach (or Consultant), and has made it his life’s duty to laser-focus all my experience and skill to the task of making your determined venture into blogging a raging success. If you have any, and we mean any, blogging questions- look no further!

5. {grow} – Schaefer Marketing Solutions’ blog is a well manicured blog that incorporates many social media outlets; such as twitter, public forums, and interviews with other social media gurus. A great site to help make your business grow!

6. PR Squared – If you are looking to amplify your company’s public relations tactics, look no further. PR Squared specializes in brand marketing and will any questions you might have. Author Todd Defren is a big wig in his field, and is globally known as a PR innovator.

7. Copy Blogger – Links, advertisements, banners. How do you get more visitors to your site? This blog specializes in getting you more traffic, links, subscribers, and an overall more profitable website. Copyblogger will help you generate more revenue for your site, so hurry up and start reading!

8. Spin Sucks – Spin Sucks is on the ball for all things integrative and innovative. From social media to SEO, it is hard to visit this site and not take away key pieces of advice to help strengthen your social media efforts.

9. Social Media PR Class – This classy site will certainly have your PR needs met with taste, sophistication, and style. Aimed at college student, this professor Communication professor and researcher has an interest in new media, pedagogy, and computer-mediated communication. Follow this site for the latest in classy PR!

10. PR Media Maven – The PR Media Maven provides all of your PR needs. She has a hefty archived section on all things blogging, web 2.0, social media, and alas, PR. The many, informative articles on this site will have your PR needs met ASAP, just by reading. Hurry up!

Marketing Tool: These marketing tools are great resources for anything marketing and social media related. Check them out!

1. Kikolani – Kikolani is a great internet resource for social media and blogging. Whatever your outlet is for advertising, branding, or just create marketing, this website is the tool you need to get your idea’s buzz up and running.

2. Mashable – Mashable is a phenomenal blog dedicated to all things social media related. From social responsibility marketing “social good,” to tech gadgets this site is a one stop shop for everything you need.

3. Leveraging Ideas – Leveraging Ideas is s authored by Sam Huleatt, and is an excellent tool for social media in the financial and investment sectors. He specializes in ideation on economics, media, venture capital and startups. This site is definitely worth a visit if you are trying to get your feet off the ground.

4. Social Desire – Social Desire is written by Shana Albert, an esteemed wed designer and webmaster. With many years experience, she is the go-to girl for everything Web 2.0. Passionate about her work, she primarily focuses on Social Media, Social Networking, SEO, SEM and Web 2.0. Check it out!

5. Useful Social Media Blog – While the title of the blog is plain and simple, it surely gets down to the point. They give business intelligence on how to use social media. With many articles and pieces provided for your viewing pleasure, you’re never to be without the most recent updates of all things social media related.

6. Online Marketing Trends – Online Marketing Trends will certainly keep you in the loop when it comes to the latest sites, blogs, forums, conventions, etc. If people are talking, typing, or tweeting social media trends, this blog covers it first!

7. Scott Monty – Scott Monty is the head of social media for Ford Motor Company. Clearly, this guy has blogging skills, if he can handle that job! Sharing his personal perspectives of social media, Scott is able to provide his readers with genuine and insightful points of views on modern day social media tactics.

8. Soshable – Soshable is literally about the social aspect of the internet. Socializing with others, on a more personal basis, than say, a public forum or message board. This is a great tool for learning how to socially socialize using social media. Give it a shot, as this site has plenty of wise articles.

9. Capture the Conversation. – Capture the Conversation is based around a social media agency, Room 214. This blog is composed of what’s interesting to the people who work and play at Room 214. From the latest trends to building social media and word of mouth marketing systems for large and emerging brands, this blog will keep you in the loop.

10. Liberate Media – .Liberate Media has a blog that is well kept and well-manicured, enticing all sorts of customers for their various marketing needs. This firm provides it all, specializing in online PR with offline PR expertise, to form a uniquely positioned social media agency.