Judging a Book By Its Cover: The Top 15 Blogs on Book Design

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but sometimes it’s the cover that draws us in to further explore what a book is all about. Book design has taken off with the rise of the Internet because there’s a clear sense of what readers are looking for when they hit the bookstore in search of their next read. These graphic design and typography blogs are fantastic stops for the aspiring book designer or those looking to learn more on the subject.

Top Design Blogs

When it comes to learning a new program or getting a feel for how the reader accesses a book, look to these design blogs.


    1. About DeskTopPub This About site focuses on desktop publishing and programs that graphic designers around the globe are using to create amazing book covers.

    2. The Book Designer This book design blog is aimed at those who are self-publishing and even touches on design elements for e-books.

    3.The Book Design Review This amazing blog talks about the various books with stellar covers. While this may not be a subject that everyone can harp on, it helps to see the fabuloust book covers all in one place to appreciate this art form.

    4. The FontFeed Learn all about the fonts and typography that have become so iconic that they’re referred to by the product they brand (such as the font used for Spam).

    5. Book Cover Archive This site has a myriad of book covers for you to peruse to see what jumps out at you. It makes great use of fonts and graphics that are simple, but make a major impact for onlookers.

    6. All Graphic Design – Book Layout and Design This site is for those designing their own book covers or just getting started in the business. It goes into design and how to transport files.

    7. Foner Books For those who are self-publishing e-books, this is the site to visit if you need some guidance on how to design your cover and create a layout for the interior of your book, using MS Word.

    8. Website Tips – Layout This site focuses on layouts for websites, but offers great design tips that can also be applied to a layout for a book.

    9. Help Publish This site shows you how to publish on your own, paying special attention to various design elements like the spine of your book and the chapter headings.

Typography and Font Blogs

These sites focus on typography and fonts, so you can get a handle for the message you awnt to send with the letters on your book cover project.


    10. I Love Typography Those who love fonts will love the work showcased at this site. It’s the perfect stop for inspiration when you aren’t sure what best conveys the message of your words.

    11. Typography Daily At this site you’ll find loads of fonts that will get your creative juices flowing.

    12. Grain Edit At this design blog there’s a mix of graphics and fonts. It showcases some of the latest and greatest typography created for mainstream products and small businesses alike.

    13. Designer Daily This site is a mix of fonts and design with plenty of eye candy to make you start thinking outside of the box when it comes to designing a book.

    14. Type Off At this site you’ll learn how different typography has evolved over the years, what fonts made their mark and which are being brought back to life by designers after years of being dormant.

    15. Web Typography For those working with e-books, this site explains the differences between fonts used online versus in print, so you can make the best choice for your book project.

Book designers can look to these design and typography blogs for a taste of what’s happening in the world of design. It’s always best to let your creativity soar on its own, but occasionally we all need a little inspiration and these design blogs will wet your palette so you can get back to the drawing board.